Monday, 23 February 2015

Writers update...

I haven't posted on this site for a while. I've been hanging out on wordpress but how crap is that? It keeps suspending me or shutting me down. I wouldn't mind, I am literally only using it for my novels but apparently if I'm sending traffic to a third party then I'm breaching terms and conditions. I can't see how adding my Facebook link or purchase links is doing so. I'm promoting, advertising and so what if people click the link and it diverts them. Isn't that the idea? Anyway, I am done with wordpress. Even if they unsuspend me, they can shove it. Right, back on good old blog spot. How I have missed you!

I've been busy being a mum, a wife, taxi, cleaner, general dogs body and writer. I am a chapter and a half away from completing my new novel, Issy's Easter Surprise and I've kind hit a little writer's block. So not the time for that to happen. I am hoping a day or two away from it and I will be good to go. I need to get this novel finished so I can get it published at Easter time. Fingers crossed for the end of this week.

I am also bursting with a brand new idea. It's a murder mystery romcom but not part of the Maxwell Mysteries. I really cannot wait to get started on that.

After Issy's Easter Surprise, I will be bringing you book #2 in the Maxwell Mysteries ~ How to catch a jewel thief. Probably around summer time. I have started book #3 as well.

I'm still nowhere near finished Birthday Cake & Sandy Beaches (Cocktails & Tattoos #5) but I'm sure when the time is right, I will finish it.

Last but not least, I am hoping for a Halloween book, which will be book #3 of Christmas Pie Crescent but I'm not fully committing myself to that yet because I think I already have bitten off more then I can chew.

As always, I will keep you posted.

☆☆☆Cover Reveal ☆☆☆

It's finally here..... 

The front cover for my new book Issy's Easter Surprise is here. I have been meaning to share this with you for a while now but I was hoping to have the blurb to go with it. I haven't. I've seriously hit a brick wall with it. It's not unusual for me to suffer when it comes to the blurb. I say it every time, the blurb is the hardest part but I've never found it quite as hard as I am with this one. As soon as I have it together, I will share it with you but what can I tell you is...

The residents of Christmas Pie Crescent are back but this time it's Issy who's in for a surprise. 

I am a chapter and a half away from completing and am hoping for publication around the beginning of April.