Monday, 27 April 2015

★•**•.★WINNERS★•**•.★NEW COMPETITION★•**•.★


I was overwhelmed with the participation for my competition. So much so, it was so hard choosing a winner, I decided to add two Kindle copies of The Poisoned Pie to the prize fund. I thank everyone for liking my page and sharing the competition. The winners are ~

   ★•**•.★Titian Smith★•**•.★
Congratulations. You've won a signed paperback copy.

★•**•.★Louise White★•**•.★
★•**•.★Jane Willis★•**•.★
Congratulations. You've both won Kindle copies.

Please contact me to claim your prize. I hope you enjoy reading The Poisoned Pie and will be kind enough to leave a review once you have finished it. 

I have received two 5★ reviews so far and I couldn't be happier. Check them out ~

You can download The Poisoned Pie right now from Amazon for just £1.99/$2.97. It's also available in paperback for £5.95/$9.95

★•**•.★NEW COMPETITION★•**•.★

To celebrate P&W hitting 5K likes, I have donated 5 Kindle copies of April's Busman Holiday to give away. All you have to do is ~

1. Give my page a like 
2. Share the competition picture with your friends on Facebook
3. Leave a comment on the picture when 1 & 2 are done. 

It's that simple. Winners with be chosen at random. 


DI April Maxwell is like a dog with a bone especially when there's a case to solve or a criminal to catch. She lives for her and she's bloody good at it so when she is forced to take leave she can't think of anything worse. After the first day, she's bored and it seems her one and only solution is to, well, actually take a holiday.

April packs a bag and heads to the New Forest to visit her family but when a boy band member turns up murdered, it isn't long before she's on the case. April makes it her mission to find out who killed Kai Williams whilst dealing with her over opinionated mother, a grieving teenage niece and gorgeous ex-boyfriend living next door.

As she closes in on the killer, the killer closes in on her and the rivalry between April and her perfect little brother heats up. It becomes survival of the fittest but there's just one problem ~ April has never been very fit but she's hasn't let a think beat her yet.

Maxwell Mysteries #2 ~ How to catch a jewel thief ~ coming summer 2015 

As the sun sets across London, DI April Maxwell arrives back from three week's leave but she's barely through the front door when she receives a phone call to say a top notch jewellers has been robbed in Piccadilly. 

Abounding her unpacking because there's always tomorrow, April jumps back in her car and races across London to where she is needed. Before she knows it, she finds herself knee deep in another case and the closest she thinks she gets to solving it, the further away she becomes. 

With a forever thickening plot and too many suspects to get head around, April finds herself distracted by a sexy fireman, a stalking car and who the hell keeps parking in her space outside her flat? There's only so much April can take but not before she catches a jewel thief. 

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Monday, 20 April 2015

★•**•.★COMPETITION TIME★•**•.★

★•**•.★New Release ★•**•.★

Pre-order your Kindle copy between now and Friday 24th April and get The Poisoned Pie half price ~ just 99p/$1.48. 

Paperback available right now on Amazon. Spend £10 or more and receive FREE delivery. 

★•**•.★COMPETITION TIME★•**•.★

1. Like my Facebook fan page
2. Like the competition post
3. Share the competition post with your friends
4. Leave a comment under the competition post when you've done all the above.

It's that simple. I will run the competition until the end of the week. A winner will be chosen at random. Remember, you have to be in it to win it. 


If you are interested in reviewing my book first hand, please send me your Kindle email address and preferred format (Mobi, PDF, Docx) and I will send you a free copy. Reviews to be posted on Amazon and Goodreads. 


Friday, 17 April 2015

☆★☆It's Out☆★☆

The Poisoned Pie (Hattie's Adventures #1) is out now. Sorry for no pre-warning but once it was done, I just went ahead and clicked that button! I'm sure you like the surprise.... after all, I have been telling you all its coming soon right?

The paperback is ready and waiting for you on Amazon for just £5.95/$9.95 and if you spend £10 or more, delivery is FREE.

A special pre-order Kindle edition price is available for just $1.48/£0.99 until April 24th so if you prefer that to paperback get pre-ordering.

Alternatively, I am willing to offer you a FREE Kindle copy sent directly to your Kindle email account in return for a honest review. If you are interested then please contact me on my Facebook page with your email address and preferred document (Mobi, PDF, Docx). Reviews to be posted on Amazon and Goodreads. 


Hattie Carter was in the wrong place at the wrong time. She witnessed something she shouldn’t have and it changed her life overnight.

Now it’s time for Hattie to move on except it's not that easy when she's receiving death threats. On the advice of the DCI in charge, she finds herself in the exquisite village of Castleford in Wiltshire where the cottages are cosy, the locals friendly and never mind the charming Lord Ethan Parks and local sexy but grumpy DI Joe Walsh. Hattie starts to think maybe it's not so bad after all. 

There's no sirens, smog or traffic and even the birds seem chirpier but when there’s a murder in the village, Hattie finds herself curious as to who poisoned Hillary Bishop.  She has her suspicions but can she prove who did it all the while DI Walsh is keeping a very close eye on her?